It's going to be a year of transformation marked by Saturn and Pluto's powerful influence, which gives us an incredibly great chance to get out of unconsciousness, the way of thinking of preservation and dread, and the sense of captivity and narrowness. Humans will also be able to confront our own willful ignorance of our inner authority and power. Because the outside world is our mirror and not the cause of our condition, the challenge would be to align with the potent planetary energy sources which attempt to progress as well as assume accountability for our circumstance.
We will commence 4 new global phases in 2020, that will create the destruction and metamorphosis of everything that is obsolete and prevent us from attempting to make an evolutionary leap in awareness. Humans can't go much further with some things, and in the areas of money, power (Pluto), entrenched behaviours and cultures (Saturn), and religion (Jupiter), transformation is most anticipated.
We will need to fully accept all of our characteristics as well as our soul in order to merge completely with our true nature. This means facing up to the end of your own darkness and accepting all your components. Mother Earth, Saturn and Pluto will ask us to embrace our bodies with all its limitations.
In 2020, the first year of the new decade, humans will be laying the groundwork for the next decade as a whole. But what decade it's going to be! A major energy transformation greets us in 2027, when another direction of human conscious experience functions and will be changed.
Corruption must be revealed eventually, as nothing can evade the law of karma: it must come down to what has been worse. A cycle of friction will not prevent much more accumulation of resources and wealth in the hands of a minority, which implies everything that has outlived its own system we live in) must be susceptible to removal.
Saturn represents the karmic consequences of actions that are not in line with the well-being of all, and these are abuse of information, abuse of power and force. Structures (Saturn) that now exist and are no longer sustainable because they do not aim at the well-being of all will experience a revolution.
In the material world, Saturn clears up karmic accounts, accepts responsibility with one's existence, but also Pluto cleanses itself. Civilization has already been fractured, but even more will broaden that chasm. Upon this yet another flip side, besides configuring the sequence, humans have individuals who've been deceived by the mainstream press, while on the other hand, by individuals that finally woke up from a bad dream and start to comprehend their true identity.
Intensifying propaganda whilst persuading people that it would be better for them all to give up everything and there own God-given liberties in becoming part of a larger global order seems to be the intention of all those who hold power. Those of us who wake up, on the other hand, soon realize that this is an artificial construct that prevents us falling asleep and trusting the corporate and government machine, granting someone outside of oneself, our self control as well as spiritual power is not possible if we truly think freely.

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